Fireplaces Inspection & Cleaning

No one truly realizes what could be building in their chimneys until it is too late. Chemicals (like Creosote) compound and build-up over time. If these chemicals are not uncovered in a timely, regulated fashion, and treated immediately, they can catch fire, causing catastrophic fires and irreparable damage to their property.

Country Chimney Sweeps & Masons knows there is a better way! Our company specializes in expert chimney inspections and deep thorough cleans. From the simplest annual inspections to total renovations, we’ll examine all of your fireplace components and passageways and confirm everything is in workable order, AND remediate as necessary.  

  • Creosote Deposits: Creosote deposits can build up in all types of chimneys where wood-burning appliances are vented. It is a highly-combustible material that creates a fire that is much hotter and devastating than normal. These types of “roaring fires” can burn through almost anything and set surrounding structures ablaze. Creosote should be safely and effectively removed by trained, skilled professionals with the right tools and experience – never by home or business owners on their own.
  • Damper Functionality: The damper inside of your fireplace is simply a small flap – generally made of metal – that can be adjusted manually to control the escape of smoke or the allowance of oxygen in to feed the fire. It can be open and closed at will with a few simple flicks of the hand or pull of a chain but must be properly connected. If your damper is broken or malfunctioning, it could allow cold air to come inside your home when you don’t have a fire going, or smoke to fill the room when you do. Letting our professionals inspect and repair your damper is better for your energy efficiency and lets you enjoy an easy, steady, controlled flame when you want it.   

Keep Animals & Moisture Out Of Your Chimney

Is your chimney open to the elements? Consider having a cap installed, which will guard against animals, unwanted materials, and rain while letting smoke escape. 

For more information concerning our fireplace inspections and cleaning services, or to schedule your FREE estimate with us, please call Country Chimney Sweeps & Masons at 973-729-0577. Alternatively, come into our showroom or check out our gallery of some our past installations!


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